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For Deus Ex's "Game Of The Year" patch release, it came internationally bundled with a multiplayer gamemode addition, a PvP deathmatch focused experience in which players would fight in team or free-for-all matches.

For Japan's February 2001 release of the game, the multiplayer came pre-packaged and ready to go, but was seperated from the original, international release of the game to prevent file mismatching.

(For example, a player who had bought a copy of the game in the USA (international release) could not play on any Japanese servers, and a player who had bought a copy of the game in Japan (Japanese 2001 release) of the game could not play on a server hosted on the international release of the game)

The Japanese version of Deus Ex, and its Multiplayer (Abbr: DXMP) came heavily modified, and considerably easier, hitscan and melee low-tech weapons do 4x damage, the drain of your bioelectricity is halved, and the energy cost of multiple augments had been changed.

These changes, all made by one person; "Nishimura", apparently weren't taken all too well, and the Japanese DXMP scene stuck to more "objective based" game-modes. (Capture the flag, Assault, etc.)


NAOMI is a faithful attempt to recreate this "Japanese Deus Ex Multiplayer Experience" for the international Deus Ex GOTY release; with an actual copy of the Japanese Deus Ex release as a reference, NAOMI is currently the only attempt to port the Japanese values to GOTY DXMP (That I'm aware of), and it's about as stupid as 4x damage sounds.

NAOMI is currently still in development and despite being fully playable, may contain a few bugs; be sure to report these bugs, and I'll get on them as soon as I can.

NAOMI is an easy download and set-up, check "installation" for more info on how to download and install NAOMI to your deus ex server.

For a full list of NAOMI's changes, check "notes"