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NAOMI Installation


  • Deus Ex GAME OF THE YEAR Edition (Or patch v1112fm)
  • An installed copy of DXMTL152b1 NAOMI will not run without it

  1. Locate your DeusEx directory
    An often used location is in the root directory of your primary drive (usually C:) Some common directories include: C:\DeusEx, C:\GOG Games\Deus Ex for GOG installs, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Deus Ex for Steam installs.
  2. Locate your System directory
    The System directory is in your DeusEx directory. (C:\DeusEx\System)
  3. Copy the required files
    Copy the files NAOMI.u, and NAOMI.ini to your System folder.
  4. Modify your configuration file
    In your config file (DeusEx.ini), find the section named [DeusEx.DeusExGameEngine]
    Beneath this line, place the following text:

    Then save and close the file.

That's all! The next time you start the server, NAOMI will take full effect.